Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Having a non-usable foot is not fun

Thursday 2004-07-1

Went into the Western Hostipal last Thursday for my ankle operation.

1 week ago

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Pre thoughts

I was thinking when I went in that, being last on the list, there was a good chance that I was staying the night (ironic given the "Day Procedure Unit"). I imagine this was because the doctor and physio I need to see afterwards would of gone home (fair enough).


Arrived at the hosptial, went through a series of people asking questions, then finally got to put the robes on and wait my turn. Turns out the robe thing (front and rear robes + booties) is a complicated procedure, I suggested a flowchart or diagram (Graham would be proud). Chatted to a guy named Brian, he was going in before me. He had been through some wars (type 1 diabetes, skin cancer, cancer under the throught, cancer between the optic nerves), poor bastard.


Got called in, sat on a trolley for 30min waiting, then went into the theatre and got my knock out juice before going to la-la-land.

More to come

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