Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Victa Pace 160 Premier mower

"Inherited" an old Victa from my chiropractor, used it for about a year. Great mower because it always started with half a pull :), but no catcher with it though.

Model details (printed on mower):

  • Pace - 160 Premier (Mark 2 - 70 series)
  • Fit only Victa blade No. 9-263
  • NGK - BP6E s
  • Engine No: 77 720 3 594
  • No model number on air filter casing :(

Based on some messages at OutdoorKing Bulletin board, its got a metal carby (G3) with the black governor sticking out the top. Very thick chassis compared to other 70 series I have seen. Has adjustable angle handles, using a plastic gear mating system.

Victa helpline reckons it is 1968-74, but they also recommended a CJ8 spark plug, when it's definitely a long plug. :-(

Fig 1.

Fig 2. Notice white plastic on bar between handle, might be used to secure a catcher

Fig 3.