Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Producers

Bec & I went to see The Producers tonight, it was excellent.
Will write up a quick review later on...

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Make Acrobat Reader 6 load faster

Good information to Make Acrobat Reader 6 load faster from Darrell Norton's blog (seems everyone links to his blog).

Plus use the Adobe Reader SpeedUp tool to help in selecting plugins (using a graphical checkbox system). I'm going to try just the Search/EScript/Weblink path and see how it goes. Currently Reader v6.0.2 uses 33.5Mb of mem opening with no documents :'(

UPDATE:I went with the SpeedUp tools "Fast" recommendation, only EWH32 (81k) / reflow (305k) / Search (201k). And the cool thing is all other plugins are moved to "optional/" so they will load if the plugin is actually needed...
It seems to load VERY FAST, and now only using 18.5Mb of memory :)

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Running Batch files on a selected Folder in Explorer

Configuring Windows Explorer - Context Sensitive Menus

Great way to run a Batch file on a particular directory.
Eg. Say you want to run a batch file after right-clicking on a Folder, so it is performed on that folder.

  1. Go to Explorer --> Tools --> Folder Options --> File Types
  2. Select the "File Folder" file type
  3. Select Advanced --> New...
  4. Action = Moved to Fixed
  5. Application to use = cmd.exe /c cd "%1" | C:\fixed_dir.bat

This runs fixed_dir.bat file in the currently selected folder and exits the DOS window straight away.
In this case fixed_dir.bat contains:

mkdir Fixed
move *.jpg Fixed

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Having a non-usable foot is not fun

Thursday 2004-07-1

Went into the Western Hostipal last Thursday for my ankle operation.

1 week ago

Blah, blah

Pre thoughts

I was thinking when I went in that, being last on the list, there was a good chance that I was staying the night (ironic given the "Day Procedure Unit"). I imagine this was because the doctor and physio I need to see afterwards would of gone home (fair enough).


Arrived at the hosptial, went through a series of people asking questions, then finally got to put the robes on and wait my turn. Turns out the robe thing (front and rear robes + booties) is a complicated procedure, I suggested a flowchart or diagram (Graham would be proud). Chatted to a guy named Brian, he was going in before me. He had been through some wars (type 1 diabetes, skin cancer, cancer under the throught, cancer between the optic nerves), poor bastard.


Got called in, sat on a trolley for 30min waiting, then went into the theatre and got my knock out juice before going to la-la-land.

More to come

Blah, blah...

Palm Outlook conduit problems #42

For the last few days, the Outlook Calendar conduit stopped working, with:

Outlook Calendar
The selected source folder [Paul Gregg\Calendar] was not found in Outlook. Synchronization will be performed with the default source folder [Paul Gregg\Calendar].
- Not Synchronized

Outlook Calendar synchronization failed

Tried rebooting, reinstalling Palm desktop and the v1.0.1 Outlook conduit updates (the v1.1 conduits that come with Palm Desktoip v4.1.4 don't work for me), nothing worked. If only I was smart enough to Google for it before, I would of saved myself a lot of trouble. Google came up with one hit troubles with Outlook 2002/XP sync.
The "Outlook /resetfolders" solution worked a treat, and I have seen that one before, if only I had remembered....