Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Palm Outlook conduit problems #42

For the last few days, the Outlook Calendar conduit stopped working, with:

Outlook Calendar
The selected source folder [Paul Gregg\Calendar] was not found in Outlook. Synchronization will be performed with the default source folder [Paul Gregg\Calendar].
- Not Synchronized

Outlook Calendar synchronization failed

Tried rebooting, reinstalling Palm desktop and the v1.0.1 Outlook conduit updates (the v1.1 conduits that come with Palm Desktoip v4.1.4 don't work for me), nothing worked. If only I was smart enough to Google for it before, I would of saved myself a lot of trouble. Google came up with one hit troubles with Outlook 2002/XP sync.
The "Outlook /resetfolders" solution worked a treat, and I have seen that one before, if only I had remembered....

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