Friday, July 11, 2008

Palm T3 Documents To Go problem

I sync my Palm T3 on 2 computers, which sometimes cause problems after I've had a hard reset (a complete data wipe). This time it was because it ran out of battery juice (I suspect - a button was held pressed when packed in a bag).

I mostly fixed all the issues (after having to manually hard reset again after not entering the correct time/date - stuffs up the forced sync for some reason), but Documents To Go (v6.008) sometimes gets confused about syncing existing documents.

The error message I see is:

Another file exists with the same name as this one...

But there is no documents with the same name!!!
DataViz support had nothing in their Knowledge Base. I have seen this with both "Sheets to Go" and "Microsoft Excel" formats.

I tried everything to fix this, but was left with the poor option of just changing the name of the document to something unique. But today I found a solution

Using either Filez or Resco Explorer, I deleted all of the Documents To Go Palm databases. I think that DocsToGoDB.DATA is the one that solved the problem, hard to tell. It did cause all the categories and their assignments to disappear, but easy for me to add again. So I deleted:

  • DocsToGoDB.DATA
  • DxtgTempDB.TDAT
  • (in Resco Explorer) all Documents [DTGP,xx].pref "files"

I was then magically able to see the "existing" files of the same name, delete them, rename each document to their "proper" name, assign a category and sync properly!!

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