Thursday, July 09, 2009

Upgrading to Firefox 3.5 issues

Having recently upgraded to Firefox 3.5 from 3.1b3, I stumbled onto a few issues. In the 2 profiles we use, both showed a empty (blank) Options dialog box with only Ok & Cancel buttons. Also tabs behave strangely and won't close + web pages seemed strange, most had scrollbars on the left hand side.


Tried a few different things, but deleting the localstore.rdf file from the profile directory (see How to find your profile) fixed everything. A bit like the Firefox Support article Toolbar keeps resetting and it's solution, Method 2: Delete localstore.rdf manually

Happy now :-)

Actual Solution:

Whoops, turns out my localstore.rdf solution was wrong :-(
It was because I forced SwitchProxy v1.4.1 (homepage & Mozilla Addons page) to be compatible with Firefox 3.5 when it is only claimed to be up to 3.0. Turns out it really was incompatible, who would of thought??

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